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Live Earth and Fathym partner to deliver forecasts and routes in an intuitive, cloud-based interface.

Advance knowledge of how weather will impact a city’s mission-critical services or a long-haul fleet’s route can save millions in reduced overtime hours and better asset management.

In this WEBINAR WITH LIVE DEMONSTRATION, you'll learn about:

1. How combined sensor and gateway technology with a dynamic predictive model will deliver accurate, high resolution, on-demand, pavement surface forecasts globally.

2. How Ground Truth Forecasts offer granular road weather conditions for any point or route in a metropolitan area and deliver key road risk variables, such as weather-related delays, fuel burn, blow-over/crosswind or low visibility.

3. How weather forecast data can be pushed to a command center, text or email, providing situational awareness for predictive decision management.

4. How a cloud-based interface allows services and data modeling to be built and customized for end-user applications, with actionable alerts and notifications.

5. How IoT data visualization unlocks the value of data by presenting real-time situational awareness and location intelligence of a holistic picture.

Join us and learn from our industry experts!