Insight and Infrastructure Planes-1

Infrastructure Data Plane + Insight Data Plane = An Advanced Situational Awareness Platform.

To deliver Situational Awareness, you need a platform that brings together two operational data “planes”—1) the Infrastructure Data Plane, which securely and holistically manages all the IoT devices
where data originates; and 2) the insight data plane, which gathers, analyzes, and visualizes data streams originating in IoT devices holistically and in a way that empowers decision-makers.

To integrate these two planes into one integrated, unified platform, Live Earth—the real-time IoT data visualization platform leader—has partnered with VMware, the leader in IoT and edge computing.
Together, the companies have created a seamless a solution that extends all the way from the edge (i.e. individual sensors) to real-time mapping, visualizations and alerts that drive optimal  responses to complex events and systems.